Should Robert Mueller Face Criminal Prosecution?

  1. He went ahead & accepted the Special Committee designation of a fact finding committee that had no basis for even coming into being because there was no evidence of collusion from the very beginning . His action showed deliberate motive to work with the Democratic Party to topple a sitting duly elected & recent as that national President even before he has started his office
    Mueller was a tool used to politicize Congress & should be
    made accountable by a Court Panel .

  2. Robert Mueller knew from the very beginning that the Steele dossier was bought n paid for by Hillary n the dnc. That was his only evidence n he went on with his investigation wasting time n taxpayers money. I believe he should have to pay back every red cent that he n his team were paid for every part of the investigation. I also believe the dimacraps n rinos involved must be charged with treason n sedition.

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