Do you trust Dr. Anthony Fauci?

  1. I do not trust Fauci. I think he could easily stab Trump in the back and he has to some extent already.

    I also do not trust the FBI Director. Christopher Wray. His lack of action since taking office plus he just has a sneaky look about him – not trustworthy!

  2. My personal feeling is a doctor’s full of s*** replace both sides of the fence and whatever can make him money that’s where he’s at u.s. wants only a bomb on team and they found out what a schmuck you was, this bioweapon from what the from the lab in China, it was definitely severe but not severe enough close the country and make it a disaster, no more than the SARS Obama was President didn’t say a word to finally leaked out, mr. Trump did his very best do not make it a tragic epidemic and China should pay dearly hope this opened up the eyes of the leaders and government China is not our friend we need to do what we did and World War II to them as we did before bom bom bom.

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