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Biden Trying To Outlaw What Now?

According to reports, the Biden government is in the process of finalizing a plan that would require power plants powered by fossil fuels to significantly reduce their emissions or adopt expensive carbon capture technology.

It appears that Biden has now set his sights on power plants which nearly the entire country relies on.

According to Fox, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is preparing to unveil a proposal that will mandate coal- and natural gas-fired power plants to significantly reduce or capture most of their carbon dioxide emissions by 2040, according to The New York Times, which cited officials familiar with a preliminary version of the plan. This would be the first federal regulation targeting emissions from power plants. The EPA is expected to release the proposal soon.

“EPA cannot comment because the proposals are currently under interagency review,” EPA spokesperson Maria Michalos explained.

“But we have been clear from the start that we will use all of our legally-upheld tools, grounded in decades-old bipartisan laws, to address dangerous air pollution and protect the air our children breathe today and for generations to come,” Michalos went on to say.

A filing from the Office of Management and Budget at the end of last year indicated that the EPA was planning to propose a rule to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing fossil fuel-powered plants in the spring of 2023. The agency aims to finalize the rule by the summer of 2024. According to the filing, there are currently no EPA regulations in place that limit emissions from existing electric generating units.

As per the latest federal data, there are 3,393 fossil fuel-powered plants operating across the United States, with the majority of them being natural gas-fired plants. These power plants collectively generate over 60% of the nation’s electricity. In comparison, wind and solar projects contribute to generating roughly 14% of the country’s electricity.

EPA data reveals that the electric power sector is responsible for approximately 25% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. This puts it behind only the transportation sector and slightly ahead of the industrial sector in terms of emissions. For this reason, environmentalists and Democratic lawmakers have been advocating for emissions reduction from fossil fuel power plants, arguing that it is critical to mitigate the risks of catastrophic climate change.

Upon taking office, President Biden committed to achieving a total reduction in emissions of up to 52% by 2030. He also pledged to establish a carbon pollution-free power sector by 2035.

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