Should Fox News FIRE Chris Wallace?

  1. He’s an ass. Let him go to CNN. He’s their type of reporter, rather troll. I hope FOX remains a conservative station, because we need someone to report the truth.

  2. Wallace belongs on CNN ! He is wasting good TV time on a (formerly) good channel !

  3. He has lied to the public to make the President look bad!

    The person behind Fox News drastic move to the Left is the latest addition to Fox New’s board is Paul Ryan the previous Speaker of the house! (Rhino!)

  4. He is no different than Dan Blather or Walter Crankcase. Needs to be deep sixed.

  5. FIRE WALLACE, & BRAZIL!!!!! They are both unfit for the Real News. Brazil should of been fired long ago, especially after her cussing and carring on like a 2-year old.
    Bring back Ms. Regan. She’s the truth reporting reporter, as well as Diamond & Silk. Get rid of Ryan. He’s a Slug, Commy.
    I’m also watching more OAN. So, if you would like to keep Fox News customer’s watching, get rid of the above.

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