Should There Be A Presidential Election Audit In All 50 States?

Texas TRUMPS Democrats

Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott angered President Biden and Democrats across the nation after he officially signed into law the new GOP election integrity bill. The bill was finally passed after Texas Democrats initially tried to stop it by flying out of the state in a private plane.

The new law, which has sparked outrage from liberals, aims to further secure any future elections by requiring things such as ID if Americans choose to vote by mail and also bans some early voting options.

Election integrity is now law in the state of Texas,” Abbott said after he signed the bill into law.

“It does make it easier and than ever before for anybody to go cast a ballot. It does also, however, make sure it is harder than ever for people to cheat at the ballot box,” Abbott added.

People who oppose the new Senate Bill 1 claim that the new bill will restrict people of color and those with disabilities from voting.

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