Should Biden Bring Afghan Refugees To America?

Another 9/11 Attack On Biden’s Watch?

The mainstream media can lie all they want to, one thing that history has proven time and time again is that when President Trump makes a prediction he is usually right!

This time former President Donald Trump has predicted that Biden’s mishandling of the Afghanistan pullout could result in another “9/11 style attack.”

President Biden has improperly extracted over 100k unvetted afghan allies into the the United States and has left around 250 American trapped behind enemy lines.

In a recent interview with One America News Network’s Dan Ball, former President Donald Trump was asked, “my question to you is, we’ve now got Afghanis that are gonna be coming into this country and elsewhere. We know they’re not all being vetted, there’s no way they’re getting out and vetting them properly that quick. We’ve got a porous southern border that we know at least about 100 people on the watchlist have come through. Are you worried, Mr. President, about another 9/11 style attack?

Trump responded, “Well, you’re gonna have it, you’re gonna have it. As sure as you’re sitting there, you’re gonna have it. Forget about Afghan, you have many countries in the Middle East right now where they’re coming in. But with the Afghans we’re bringing them all over the world as we said, planes dropping them all over to countries all over the world. But here’s the thing. Most of those countries are smart and they’re run smart. They’re going to drop them off into this country. They’re gonna say, listen, “we’re holding them for a short period of time but we want the US to take them”, and we’ll end up taking everybody. We’re like the lapdog for every nation, when you look at, as we said NATO, the way they use us and then they kill us on trade.”

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