Republicans Pushing Biden To Resign, Do You Agree?

What Biden’s Failure Means For America

Rep. Michael Waltz slammed President Joe Biden stating that he failed Americans and ruined America’s relation with Afghanistan. His remarks come after Biden did not extend the August 31st deadline to help evacuate more Americans from the country.

Waltz further stated that August 31st will be remembered as a dark time in American history.

“We’re in a terrible situation,” Waltz warned. “And this notion that we have leverage over the Taliban — let me tell you, having sat across the table from these thugs. They are going to turn it on this team very quickly. Every time they don’t get access to the billions in foreign reserves or economic assistance, or international recognition, they can walk down the street and take another hostage. They are the ones with leverage. And this administration has handed it to them on a silver platter.”

“Let me tell you why this is worse than Saigon,” he continued. “And we’re in a worse place now than 2001 because at least then we had a Northern Alliance. We had the agreement from countries in the region to base our forces. Now, we have no bases. We have given them all away. And not a single country surrounding Afghanistan has agreed to base our forces, much less allow lethal strikes to go after al Qaeda. Our local allies are being hunted down as we speak. There’s a few left, but they have heard nothing from the White House.”

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