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GOP Governor SIDES With Biden, Turns On Texas

In a recent interview, Republican GOP Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan sided with President Biden and said that the new Texas abortion law was “a little bit extreme.”

According to Newsmax, in an interview with NBC, Hogan said, “I happen to be personally opposed to abortion and I believe states do have rights to pass some reasonable restrictions.”

Hogan then said, “But certainly in this case, this bill in Texas seems to be a little bit extreme with this problem of bounties for people that turn in somebody that drove somebody to an abortion clinic.”

Hogan then said that the Supreme Court will eventually fix the issue.

“I think the Supreme Court will take this up,” he said.

“They haven’t made the final determination on it. Legislatures have rights to pass bills, governors have the right to sign them or not. The Court gets to make the ultimate decision.”