Why Is Biden Allowing Illegal Immigrants Into The U.S.?

BREAKING: Biden Gets WORST News Yet

It has only been 8 months into Joe Biden’s presidency and the country is in worse shape than most Americans have seen in their lifetime and now new polling information proves it.

Things have actually gotten so bad for President Biden that his approval rating has dropped to 43% according to the latest Gallup poll. What’s worse is that President Biden is now lower in the polls than his Vice President Kamala Harris who has an approval rating of 49%!

Furthermore, Daily Caller noted, Biden’s approval dropped six percentage points compared to August, falling from 49% to 43%, according to the results of a Gallup poll released Wednesday. Biden’s approval rating is roughly at the same level as former presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton at the earlier stages of their respective presidencies, according to Gallup.

What has caused Biden’s poll numbers to decline so badly? Fox News indicated that several factors including Afghanistan, the border, the economy, and the delta variant, have all played a factor in Biden’s poor polling results.

Simply put, Biden has made every problem in America worse! Everything Biden touches goes bad.

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