Who Is The Real President? Trump or Biden?

BREAKING: Top Democrat Targets Biden?

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, Democrat Representative Adam Schiff has now suggested that he wants a full investigation of President Biden over a failed airstrike which resulted in the death of an innocent Afghan aid worker and almost 10 other individuals!

Rep. Adam Schiff has completely thrown Biden under the bus!

“We must take every precaution when it comes to protecting civilian lives, and hold ourselves accountable when we fail. While there is no overstating the chaotic and dangerous situation in Kabul following the fall of the Afghan government and the attack on our forces by ISIS-K, it is clear that the August 29 strike was a mistake with horrific consequences,” Schiff said.

“In acknowledging that error, the Department of Defense has taken the first step towards transparency and accountability. And after such a devastating failure – one that, by the Department’s estimate, killed 10 civilians, at least 7 of them children – it cannot be the last step. We need to know what went wrong in the hours and minutes leading up to the strike to prevent similar tragedies in the future,” Schiff said.

Schiff then said, “I am also concerned about the accuracy and completeness of public statements made in the immediate aftermath of the strike, and whether those accounted for all of the information possessed by the government at the time. We must assure that the Department examines its actions carefully and objectively, even in the absence of press reports, such as here, which brought this critical mistake to light.”

“This is an area deserving of additional oversight, and along with my colleagues in Congress, the House Intelligence Committee will continue to press for answers,” Schiff added.

Schiff’s comments came after Commander of United States Central Command, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie called the failed airstrike a “tragic mistake”.