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Trump’s Confession Leaves Biden Fearful

In a new phone interview former President Donald Trump had with Fox Business, Trump dropped a bombshell confession that is going to make Biden’s handling of Russia much more difficult.

Trump confessed that Russian President Vladimir Putin appears to be a much more unstable leader than when we was dealing with him during his presidency.

Putin “seems to be different,” Trump explained. Trump added that Putin is not the same man he was dealing with in the past.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Trump stated, “Putin is a different person. I’ll tell you something — I got along with him, and look, I got along with him loving this country, and he loves his country, OK? But he’s a different person than he was. He seems to be different. He looks different. He looks different. He’s a different person.”

Fox’s Stuart Varney then asked, “Is he sane? Is he solid mentally?”

Trump replied, “It just doesn’t seem to be the same person that I was dealing with. We had a decent relationship. It was very hard because of the Russia hoax, you know.”

Trump added, “And I told him. I said, you know, it’s very hard for me to do anything for Russia and for you to do anything because these horrible, horrible people that are, you know, perpetrating this hoax, the Russia, Russia, Russia collusion nonsense, millions of phone calls; I never made one to Russia. Think of it. Millions of calls. They went through the phone records — millions of calls, not one call to Russia. It was a total hoax.”

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