Is Nancy Pelosi The Strongest Woman In Politics?

Kamala Stirs Up Drama, Gaslights Americans

In yet another attempt to gaslight the American people, Vice President Kamala Harris is now claiming that “internal threats to Democracy” is what is weakening the United States. Kamala added that these weaknesses is opening the door for other nations doubt America.

According to Axios, Kamala believes that the Jan 6. Capitol riot and and threats against Congress have increased fears of domestic terror.

Kamala explained that these threats against America are “very dangerous and I think it is very harmful. And it makes us weaker.”

Kamala then said, “I think what it sends is a signal that causes people to question, ‘Hey, is America still valuing what they talk about?’ — which is the integrity of democracies, which means protecting a rule of law and the sanctity of these systems and speaking up when they are attacked.” 

“I’m very concerned about it,” she said, adding that “we’re starting to allow people to call into question our commitment to those principles. And that’s a shame,” Kamala added.

Maybe Kamala Harris should of thought about this before she decided to ruthlessly attack the Supreme Court. Democrats and the media seem to forget that while Kamala continues to gaslight Americans she is openly attacking the court.

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