Does Schiff Need To Be Prosecuted For Treason?

  1. Needs to be a special necktie party for pencil neck, comedy, claptrap and piglosi.

  2. Ah yes, everyone involved if their action according to the law rise to the level of treason or sedition or any law that was broken. Why stop the question at Schiffty Schiff include anyone in the media or whatever who worked along side the bastards to pull off this sham. Let it be known that if you conspire to take down a sitting President, Constitution and Bill of Rights in the future very stiff penalties await you in the end. Remember Hillary Clinton’s inaction in Benghazi caused the death of a Ambassador and 3 military hero’s doing their duty. So death by hanging would work for me if found guilty of Treason. Complicit media mouth pieces and their overlords will hang just like Saddam Hussein did. They’re nothing special.

  3. while I am not sure you could prosecute this Dirt-bag for treason, at the least you could prosecute him for false prosecution, prosecutorial misconduct, malicious prosecution, abuse of power, and wasting taxpayer monies.

  4. All of the liberal Democrats are truly despicable despots and should be prosecuted!

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