Are You Glad To See Flynn's Case Dropped?

  1. Considering what the human debris pile the Democrats have pulled, yes Flynn got a raw deal. Biden, Obama, the Clintons, he’ll even going back to Ted Kennedy with chappaquic back in 1969 these people have gotten away with criminal activity and the press always either didn’t report it or made excuses for these POS. Now Biden has been accused of sexual harassment and the Democrats in Congress tell us there’s nothing to see here. They certainly didn’t treat Justice Cavanagh the same way.

  2. For starters there are to many news shows and to many aleged journalists. They repeat each other the same question over and over just twisting it around. Most of the time the sound stupid like morons. And I am really tired of them trying to force their point of view. Just the facts would be more appropriate for me to make up my own mind. Most of these ” correspondents” are just plain idiots. It is OVERKILL with news channels way to many fools.

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