Is Biden A Good Catholic Like He Claims?

Ilhan Omar ATTACKS Biden

Several weeks ago, Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar rallied other Democrats and demanded for the Education Department to release a memo explaining just how much authority President Biden had to CANCEL student debt by October 22nd.

We are now well past Oct. 22nd and the Education Department has yet to respond and now rep. Omar is demanding answers from Biden right away.

Omar believe Biden has the ability to forgive massive amounts of student debt but simply refuses to.

According to Yahoo, Omar said, “Millions of borrowers across the country are desperately asking for student debt relief. We know the President can do it with the stroke of a pen. We were told over six months ago that they were just waiting on a memo to determine whether they would give relief, and weeks since we sent a letter asking them to do so. Release the memo. Cancel student debt.”

Omar, who likely also has student loan debt, is trying to strong arm Biden into forgiving student debt that people knowingly signed up for before attending college.

The Education Department recently responded and said they still are planning on responding to Omar but little more is known.

When Biden was running for president, he said that he wanted to erase up to $10k in student loan debt for Americans. Omar, however is demanding for a larger amount such as $50k or greater.

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