Biden Wants To Give $450K To Illegals, Do You Approve?

Trump Traitor Gets BOOTED Out Of Congress

Long time RINO and known hater of former President Donald Trump, Rep. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, has just announced that he will no longer be seeking re-election next year!

The decision, which has surprised many, is likely because Kinzinger KNOWS conservatives won’t support him for re-election following his repeated attacks on Trump.

According to Yahoo, Kinzinger said, “Let me be clear. My passion for this country has only grown. My desire to make a difference is bigger than it’s ever been. My disappointment in the leaders that don’t lead is huge. The battlefield must be broader and the truth needs to reach the American people across the whole country.”

It’s important to remember that Kinzinger was one of the 10 Republicans, along with RINO Rep. Liz Cheney, to vote to impeach Trump following the Jan 6th Capitol protest.

Watch Kinzinger’s lengthy explanation for why he is not running again in 2022:

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