Did Hillary Commit Treason?

Trump Drops Bombshell On Democrats

If you read yesterday’s story you know that a federal judge recently ruled that former President Donald Trump and his two children, Ivanka Trump and Don Jr., must all comply with New York’s civil investigation subpoenas brought on by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

This means Trump and his children will have to appear in court and testify under oath regarding the Trump family’s business dealings.

Now, according to Newsmax, former President Donald Trump is hitting back like never before and has called the investigation being held by AG Letitia James a complete and total “witch hunt” and an attempt to damage his political future.

Trump also blasted Democrats for ignoring Hillary Clinton after she allegedly spied on him and the White House.

Trump stated, “[James] is doing everything within their corrupt discretion to interfere with my business relationships, and with the political process. With the rest of the case, even Cy Vance, who just left the DA’s office without prosecuting anything additional, because there isn’t anything additional to prosecute — THERE IS NO CASE!

Trump then added, “The targeting of a president of the United States, who got more votes while in office than any president in history, by far, and is a person that the Radical Left Democrats don’t want to run again, represents an unconstitutional attack on our country — and the people will not allow this travesty of justice to happen.”

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