Should Americans Hold Biden Accountable For Crisis?

Schiff And Biden Face SERIOUS Consequences

During a recent interview with Fox Business, Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) demanded for Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) to testify about the disaster he and President Biden created in Afghanistan.

If Schiff was to testify, it would also likely mean that Biden would have to as well!

Sadly, we may have to wait until Republicans take majority again in 2022 before any justice is served.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Fox’s Stuart Varney asked, “Are we going to get hearings in Congress to find out what went on and who is to blame? Are we going to get those hearings?”

Jordan responded, “Well, I hope so, but I doubt it. I mean, the Democrats are in charge. I do think we are going to take back the majority, and when we do in a year-and-a-half, we can have hearings. But I doubt the Democrats do it. If we were going to have hearings, it is obvious who should come. The same people who made all these decisions that led to this debacle in Afghanistan are the same ones that were burning foreign policy back in the Obama, Biden administration that gave us the Libya, Benghazi situation. So it’s Blinken, it’s Burns, it’s Sherman, it’s Sullivan, it’s Rice, those people need to come. Frankly I think we need to bring in Adam Schiff too. What was Intel Committee, what kind of  information did he get prior to this ordeal that we watched unfold over the last serval weeks? Those are the kind of people who should be brought in. but I doubt if the Democrats will do it.”

Jordan continued, “Yesterday the president of the United States said that this was an extraordinary success. I mean 13 service members were killed. You have hundreds of Americans stranded and left behind. You have thousands of our allies left behind including a guy who helped President Biden 13 years ago. This guy named Mohammed. Then you have billions of dollars of equipment and weapons left there as well. What did Jake Sullivan say yesterday, they’re thinking about paying the Taliban. They call that success? So of course Americans have no confidence in this foreign policy team.”