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Trump Attacks Fox News

At the end of every year, television networks release a ranking of how a number of shows are performing. With the new release of this years rankings, it was learned that a number of mainstream media organizations were all in the gutter and now former President Donald Trump has a message for them including for Fox News.

Nearly all news shows including NBC, CBS, ABC were in the gutter.

According to Newsmax, Trump didn’t hold back and taunted all of them, including Fox, and said, “Wow!!! So while Trump-hating CNN & MSNBC (MSDNC!) ratings are both at record lows, numbers that they have never seen before (‘they’re toast’), Fox News ratings are also way down because they never say ‘Trump’ or Truth, never talk about the rigged presidential election, and is a fake polling network.”

Trump the doubled down and said, “Our giant MAGA base, much bigger than anyone knows, does not like watching Fox play their games. Their ratings will continue to sink. Make America Great Again!”

Sadly for the mainstream media, their businesses are dying and Trump is correct about some things.

CNN and MSNBC shockingly had their lowest ratings in history!

NBC had a decline of -7% in viewership and Fox had a -14% decline as well!

Here’s how much many of the mainstream media channels declined by:

NBC -7%.

CBS -8%.

ABC -6%,

Fox -14%

Fox News Channel -1%.

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