Will Trump Help The GOP Win Big In 2022?

Biden And Harris Cause Border Catastrophe

New drone footage has just been released that shows thousands of migrants being held under a bridge in Mission, Texas, and Republicans are furious with President Joe Biden.

According to Fox News, Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., reacted to the shocking video and said, “An absolute catastrophe from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and House & Senate Democrats.”

Fox’s Bill Melugin said, this was the “largest group of migrants we’ve ever seen being held by Border Patrol under Anzalduas Bridge in Mission, TX.”

“Looks like it could be up to 1,000 people,” Melugin added. “We can only get a look at the area with our drone. There’s a popular Rio Grande crossing area nearby.”

Watch the shocking video for yourself:

Sadly, this is going in our own country and we have no idea how much worse it can actually get.

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