Why Is Biden HIDING From The Press?

DeSantis Makes Biden Cry

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been on a roll lately. He was one of the few governors who stood firm against President Biden’s tyrannical orders and has constantly assured his citizens they will still keep their freedoms as promised in the constitution.

Now, Governor DeSantis has hit President Biden again and pointed out that his policies are the reason for skyrocketing inflation and states are currently powerless to stop it.

According to Newsmax during a recent press conference, DeSantis noted that he was extremely concerned about inflation and claimed that because of Biden little can be done.

“It’s being driven, I think, by a lot of the really bad policies coming out of Washington,” DeSantis said. “That eats away at families’ budgets. Gas is going through the roof. I mean, it’s incredible how much gas has gone up.”

DeSantis continued, “And just building things, everything’s more expensive. People want to come and build homes here. It’s harder to build them because it’s harder to get the materials. It’s more expensive and everything.”

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has hit Biden for his tremendously poor leadership. Here is what DeSantis had to say to Biden after he referred to him as “Governor Who” in August:

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