Who Should Biden Give Payments To First: 9/11 Victims Or Illegal Immigrants?

Lindsey Graham Backstabs Republicans

As Democrats continue to hold control of the Senate, President Biden has had the choice of selecting and successfully nominating dozens of federal judges. However, Republicans are shocked to learn that all of these judges selected by Biden have been getting the full support and backing of Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

According to Fox News, Lindsey Graham has shockingly voted in favor of all except three of Biden’s choice of judges. What’s even worse in the three judges that Graham did not support he only voted “NO” on one of them, for the other two he simply did not vote at all.

When asked why Graham is stabbing his own party in the back, Graham’s office responded, “When the president wins the White House, they have the right to pick the judges of their choosing. [Senator Graham] believes the constitutional and historical standards are what should be used for judges.”

When was the last time any Democrats supported the Republican Party like Graham is supporting the Democrats? The answer is not anytime recently!

What’s even worse is that Sen. Lindsey Graham isn’t the only one giving Democrats an unfair advantage. Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski have also voted in favor of MANY Democrat choices.

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