Was Trump’s Presidency A Success For America?

Texas Shuts Down Tyrannical Biden

During a recent interview with Fox News, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) blasted President Joe Biden and his administration for criticizing Texas’ decision to not enforce mask mandates in schools because “until they close the border. This is just hypocrisy.”

According to Breitbart, Patrick stated, “I don’t even want to hear from him or the president or anyone else in the Biden administration until they close the border. This is just hypocrisy. How dare you tell Florida or Texas or any other state what to do in our state regarding the coronavirus, when you’re allowing, yesterday, we apprehended 800 children who were alone crossing the border. … And again, before they say anything to adults or children about COVID and what you should do, close the damn border. Then maybe we’ll think you’re serious. But until then, just be quiet.”

Patrick later added that unaccompanied minors will “be in a school somewhere, by the way. They’ll be in a school somewhere, somewhere in America.”