Is Fox News Fair To President Trump?

  1. Need to get rid of the turn coat Wallace. If President Trump does not believe in mail in vote we should listen to him. He is the Commander and Chief. The Democrats want mail in so they can cheat as always. Trump 2020,

  2. We recently moved to Oregon which is mail in only voting. We heard on our conservative radio show that 200 people had emailed in saying they had received the wrong ballots, in other words, not the correct party ballot of their choosing and they were therefore unable to vote! Awful! Yes, get rid of chris Wallace! Turncoat!

  3. This vote by mail,is a sham so the Dems can cheat. It is just as easy to space out voting booths, and wear masks to vote as it is to shop in a grocery store.

  4. This mail in voting is a sham so the Demon rats can cheat. It is just as easy to space out booths to vote, and to wear a mask to vote, as it is to wear a mask and shop in a grocery store. I don’t yet understand why the Demon Rats think we people are so stupid

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