Do You Want To See Obama Tried For Treason?

  1. If you punish Obama and the rest then the people in the law will also know there are consequences to their actions. Particularly Obama. Remember Pelosi’s words” nobody is above the law”. I guess that’s not what they meant thought, huh. Karma

  2. From using the I.R.S. to attack the Tea Party and Tax Exempt Conservative Organizations to this what can only in all fairness be called an American Palace Coup by Democrat Partisans from the Obama Administration to the Clinton Campaign, to the D.N.C., to D.N.C. Deep State operatives in the D.O.J., Intel. and other government agencies, to private sector operatives, foreign assets, and finally the Fake News D.N.C. Propaganda Machine Politburo, the Obama Administration is one of the most corrupt Administrations in over 100 years. But this Palace Coup attempt leaves Benedict Arnold looking like a Super Patriot. In the end analysis The Obama/Clinton Palace Coup Attempt will leave Watergate looking like a petty misdemeanor.

  3. We have clear evidence of many high crimes committed by several members of the obama administration, if they are not accountable than why should anyone live by rule of Law? As long as they remain free there will be others betraying our country in government making America and the world more dangerous.

  4. The only reason the foreign-born illegal alien Muslim communist agent saboteur Barack Hussein Obama II is still at large is because he has been protected by the notorious powers of the Democratic Party! And if we fail to destroy the Democratic Party’s lust for absolute power, it won’t be long before we start living under George Orwell’s novel of “1984.”

    USAF (RET)

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