Is Biden Killing The American Dream?

Biden Humiliated With Devastating Reality

Recently on Fox News, wildly popular host Tucker Carlson exposed the dark reality of just how bad Biden has allowed the US-Mexico border to get.

According to Breitbart, Carlson stated, “Well, you probably have the sense that things are out of control on our southern border and have been since Joe Biden was sworn in as President, and you’re absolutely right. It is worse than you imagined.”

Carlson then said, “A new forecast from Princeton Policy Advisers projects 1.86 million illegal immigrants crossing the southern border this year. That’s the projection. That would make this the worst year on record, and of course, it would completely change the United States forever. That’s more people than many states have, many states.”

Adding, “Now, how are those migrants getting here? Well, they’re walking across, they’re flying from countries all over the world in order to do that, and then the Biden administration in many cases is transporting them to other parts of the country using the U.S. military, using Air Force Bases.”

Carlson continued, “What they’re not doing is moving those illegal migrants to Aspen or Northwest D.C. or Martha’s Vineyard, of course not, they’re moving him to where you live and to places that didn’t vote for Joe Biden. Of course.”

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