Is Biden Going Senile?

Schiff Resurfaces, Targets The GOP

Recently on MSNBC, Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) blasted Republicans for their push to enforce more election reform laws and said they were pointing daggers at the “heart of democracy.”

According to Breitbart, MSNBC’s Joy Reid asked, “Right now, we have 14 states that have enacted 22 laws that restrict the right to vote based on the big lie. Are you concerned that this big lie … is now going to be the prevailing factor in the 2022 elections and beyond?”

Schiff replied, “Well, I am certainly concerned with the use of the big lie to propel these state laws to disenfranchise people and particularly people of color. As well to push these laws that would strip independent secretaries of state of their powers and give them over to someone appointed bipartisan legislatures. What the Republicans seem to be doing around the country is, number one, trying to decide the election by making it hard for people of color to vote. And number two, if the election still goes against them, to position themselves to overturn it, to be successful in overturning it in a way that they were not successful in the last election. These laws are just all daggers pointed at the heart of democracy. Anyone peddling the big lie is doing so at great risk to our whole system of checks and balances.”

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