Is Biden Better Than Trump?

OOPS: Top Democrat Exposed In Newly Leaked Video

We always knew that Democrats were hypocrites, but now they are just rubbing it in our faces!

A new video has just surfaced of Democrat Rep. and member of “the Squad” Rashida Tlaib partying maskless at a wedding in Michigan with a hundred or more people and Democrats have nothing to say about it.

Maybe Tlaib felt left out for not being invited to Obama’s 60th birthday bash and wanted to make up for it.


Robby Starbuck, who shared the viral video later asked Tlaib, “Hey @RashidaTlaib you gonna explain why you’re out partying maskless in defiance of CDC guidelines or can you admit between this & Obama’s party that this is about controlling people? In 2022 you’ll have to deal with reps like me in the majority holding you accountable. Be ready.”

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