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Trump Framed By Republican Traitor

Republican traitor Liz Cheney (WY) attempted to do damage control for President Joe Biden and his Afghanistan catastrophe and claimed that this was all former President Donald Trump’s fault because he signed “a surrender agreement” with the Taliban which caused all of this.

According to Breitbart, during an interview with Fox, Cheney said, “I think that President Trump, Secretary Pompeo’s determination to negotiate with the Taliban, Secretary Pompeo was the first secretary of state to meet with the Taliban, that was a huge mistake. The document they signed was a surrender agreement. It required concessions, including release of 5,000 prisoners. It completely eliminated, set aside the Afghan government. Didn’t allow them to participate. That was a huge mistake and one that emboldened the terrorists that we find threatening our people on the ground. But President Biden didn’t have to go along with it. President Biden reversed many decisions that he didn’t agree with that President Trump made, and ultimately he’s the commander-in-chief. He made the decision to withdraw our forces, to do it in the way it’s being done now that is just absolutely shameful.”

Fox’s Neil Cavuto asked, “I’m sure you’re aware that President Trump in a number of interviews said this would not have happened if he was in charge. What do you think?”

Cheney replied, “He set this in motion. He began the process of negotiating with the Taliban. He said the Taliban was going to kill terrorists on our behalf. He praised the Taliban. He apparently wanted to invite them to Camp David. So he fundamentally misunderstood the situation on the ground. He did real damage to our partners, the Afghan government, by excluding them from the negotiations. So the idea that you can sit at a table and negotiate with the Taliban, count on them to defend our security is wrong. We heard a lot of things from President Trump and Secretary Pompeo that were wrong. Again, President Biden is the commander-in-chief right now. he’s the one that made the decision to withdraw now and do it the way he’s done it.”

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