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BREAKING: Another Republican Backstabs Trump

As the Republican Party gets closer and closer to the 2024 presidential election, Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has just spoken out against the Republican Party pursuing any more cases of election fraud in the 2020 presidential election and focus on 2024.

During a discussion about an Ohio Republican congressman retiring, NBC’s Chuck Todd asked, anchor Chuck Todd said, “Let me start with Anthony Gonzalez’s retirement. him walking away from politics, is that good or bad for the Republican Party?”

Then Cassidy shifted the focus to former President Donald Trump and said the GOP must part ways with Trump and to stop trying to prove the 2020 election was stolen, “You know, Anthony is choosing his personal priorities. You read his statement. It stands for itself. You have a broader question there, do Republicans continue to relitigate 2020, or do we look forward with a positive agenda? If we relitigate 2020 over and over again, it won’t change the result in 2020, but we’re sure to lose in 2024. On the other hand, if we have a positive agenda, which addresses the fact that the Biden administration is in disarray, whether it’s inflation, the border, Afghanistan, then the country will win, and we’ll win. But if we choose to be bullied, we’ll lose.”

Cassidy then said, “If we choose to look forward bringing positive solutions to the American people who have needs, we win. If we choose to be bullied, we lose. Let me put a point on this. My state has been hammered by Hurricane Ida. I have communities, which have been completely destroyed. If you back there, you’re going to find somebody who, yeah, they feel strongly about the election in 2020. What they really feel strongly about is rebuilding their community and building the resiliency so that this doesn’t happen again. Now, if we meet that person’s needs, Republicans will do well in 2024, 2022. If we don’t, they’ll look elsewhere. Let’s meet their needs.”

Cassidy later said, “Again, if we relitigate an election from 2020, we lose. I’m about winning.”

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