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Psaki Gets Rude With Media

President Biden’s White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been dealing with so many of Biden’s failures that she had to start getting sarcastic with reporters who are demanding more answers out of her.

Currently, the White House is coming off the heels of some major loses. First the Supreme Court blocked Biden’s vaccine mandate and second moderate Democrat senators rejected a decision to overhaul election legislation.

According to Fox, Things got interesting during a recent press conference when Bloomberg reporter Justin Sink told Psaki that “things seem like they are going pretty poorly right now” for the administration.

Then during her response, Psaki got sarcastic and stated, “We could certainly propose legislation to see if people support bunny rabbits and ice cream, but that wouldn’t be very rewarding to the American people.” 

“So the president’s view is we’re going to keep pushing for hard things, and we’re going to keep pushing the boulders up the hill to get it done,” she explained.


The Biden administration appears to be cracking under the pressure.