Do American Kids Have A Bright Future Under Biden?

Trump Insider Completely Exposes Biden

During a recent interview, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave insight into just how badly President Joe Biden has handled this Afghanistan evacuation which gave the Taliban complete control of the nation.

Pompeo called Biden’s leadership an “abysmal failure” that will likely have “significant ramifications”.

According to Breitbart, Pompeo said, “It is pretty clear that the failure of this administration to properly execute their strategic vision, their strategic vision obviously was to get out of Afghanistan, to execute it in a way that would have secured American freedom, protected us, gotten civilians out, all, just the blocking and tackling of American security has been an abysmal failure. And I’m sure we’ll talk about it, but this has significant ramifications for America’s national security, our place in the world that will be a long time in trying to figure out how to get back from.”

“Now, we’ve gone backwards,” Pompeo added. “We probably lost two decades as a result of the way that President Biden conducted this withdrawal. It was anything but orderly and safe, as he laid out.”

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