Can DeSantis Beat Trump In 2024?

BREAKING: Fauci Gets Exposed

During a recent interview with Fox News, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci for the number of times he has flip-flopped on many covid recommendations.

According to Breitbart, Cotton stated, “Yes, Tony Fauci is not acting as a scientist or a doctor anymore. He’s acting as a Democratic Party activist in a white lab coat. Why doesn’t he tell us what science — what data backs up the Biden administration’s stupid mask mandate for airports and airplanes? I mean, are you more likely to get the coronavirus at an airport than you are a shopping mall or an airplane with its massive filtration systems?”

“It is really necessary to kick off a family with an autistic child who can’t wear a mask peacefully for an entire airplane?” Cotton added. “Does Dr. Fauci have evidence to support that from the data and the science? I mean, we shouldn’t allow Tony Fauci and Facebook to determine what we can and cannot say about this virus because from the beginning, he’s been giving politicized advice. He’s admitted that he’s changed his advice based on — or — what would be herd immunity levels. Not based on what he thinks he sees in the data but what he thinks the American people are ready to hear. Why doesn’t he just tell us what the facts are?”