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Schiff The New House Speaker

One of the most unliked and controversial Democrats in all of Congress Rep. Adam Schiff is now aiming to become the next Speaker of the House.

It’s important to remember that Schiff was one of the biggest spreaders of the Trump-Russia collusion misinformation story which was eventually disproven. However, the lie was spread by mainstream media across America and hurt former President Donald Trump immensely.

Now, it is believed that Schiff is aiming to become the next House Speaker.

According to Breitbart, with rumors of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi planning on retiring soon, chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence Adam Schiff is making aggressive moves behind the scenes to take over Pelosi’s role.

It is also alleged that Schiff is so determined to become the next House Speaker that he has also tried to convince his fellow Democrats of the idea. Schiff has also been bragging about the millions of dollars of campaign fund he has been able to collect from donors.

Schiff even raised eyebrows when he did something completely out of character and attended the New Democrats’ retreat.

The last thing America needs right now is crooked Adam Schiff as the new Speaker of the House especially with senile President Biden in the Oval office.

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