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Trump Leaves Biden Speechless

In a recent interview with Newsmax TV, former President Donald Trump fired back at Democrats who were attempting to blame him and his administration for the disaster in Afghanistan and said this was all Biden’s doing.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Trump hammered Biden and said, “Well, you know, it’s so ridiculous. Actually, they’re not using it too much anymore. We had a great agreement. You don’t kill our soldiers. I had very strong talks with the leader, [Abdul Ghani Baradar] — had a lot of strong talks. And they knew what was going to happen. And you just take a look over the last few months — that’s when the whole thing fell down. I was not there, and it all fell down. But they knew — don’t mess around. Can you imagine taking the military out before you get your citizens out, the American people out? They took the military out first.  We would have it out last.”

“And by the way, they didn’t meet the conditions,” Trump added. “And every time they didn’t meet the conditions, we bombed them. Look, I stopped ISIS. A hundred percent of the ISIS caliphate. [Qasem] Soleimani, [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi — all gone. This was easy by comparison. What they did is a disgrace to this country. And I haven’t heard their blaming. I heard they tried to blame me at the beginning. But now, they’re getting shot down even by the liberal media. What they did is a disgrace to our nation. This should have never happened. Those young people and of the others should have never been killed.”

“And by the way, they shouldn’t have our billions of dollars worth of equipment,” Trump said.