Should Voting By Mail Be Banned For The Midterm Elections?

Biden’s Shocking 2024 Bombshell

President Biden is now boldly telling Americans that he fully intends to run again in 2024. Surprisingly however with just 50 days left till the midterms, some top Democrats are thinking maybe Biden should step down.

According to The Hill, Biden White House official and top Democrat Cedric Richmond confirmed that President Biden fully intends to run again in 2024.

Richmond told NBC, “He’s running and we’re building an infrastructure for him to run and win. Right now, it’s all an early investment in 2024 while we’re helping 2022.”

What’s interesting however is that a large number of Democrats don’t want President Biden to run again in 2024 because secretly they all know what Republicans do: Biden is unfit to run.

What’s even worse is that as long as President Biden is in office, there is a very large portion of independent voters who refuse to support him. Biden is also going to turn an astounding 81-years-old in November 2023.

Democratic strategist Eddie Vale warned Democrats, “I think a lot of the mystery is we’re all beholden to the never-ending political news cycle, and Trump announced for reelection like three minutes after taking office, but it’s not unusual for a president to be waiting until after the midterms to announce.”

One Democratic donor doubted Biden’s chances of winning in 2024 and said, “He’s had an amazing run, probably one of the best stories in the modern political era. But you have to know when it’s time to hang up your hat, even for your own legacy.” 

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