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SHOCKING: Illegals Invade Northern Border

In a shocking new discovery that most Americans didn’t know, Fox’s Casey Stegall has just warned the American people that there has been over 56,000 migrant encounters at the northern border in just 2023 under Joe Biden’s watch.

According to Fox, this shocking increase in illegals has resulted in border patrol agents being moved from the southern border to the northern border to places like the Swanton, Vermont crossing. 

Most of these illegals are Mexican nationals and it surprising to see them crossing at this time due to extremely rough weather conditions.

In 2021 there was only 27,000 crossings at the northern border. So far in just February of 2023 there are more than 50,000 encounters.

Former Yuma (Ariz.) Sector Border Patrol Chief Chris Clem pointed out that the northern border is often forgotten since there is so much traffic at the southern border.

“This is why we need the resources, not just on the southern border, but our northern border and our coasts as well,” Clem explained.

Not only can President Biden secure the southern border but it also looks like he can’t support the northern border either.