Would Ocasio-Cortez Be A Good President?

YIKES: News Host Erupts On Biden

The mainstream media in the United States are a bunch of cowards and liars. They continue to gaslight Americans and further divide this country for the sake of “news”.

However, media in other parts of the world aren’t so fearful when it comes to telling the truth and Alan Jones of Sky News in Australia didn’t hold back a single word when he erupted on President Joe Biden.

According to the Gateway Pundit, Jones smeared President Biden and said, “The Afghanistan surrender will have enormous ramifications.  We now face a more unsafe world with the militant Islamist Taliban more embolden than ever, and there are concerns among many in the US Intel establishment that the world will once again see a rise in terrorist attacks… Biden is utterly unfit to be the President of the United States and it blows my mind how world leaders like Scott Morrison and Boris Johnson ‘suckup’ to such an intellectually berift individual.”

Watch Jones’ explosive reaction:

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