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VIDEO: Biden’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

When President Biden isn’t busy ruining the economy or destroying the southern border, he is often in front of cameras trying to convince the American people that he is someone who cares about the our country.

Now, in yet another new lie, President Biden recently claimed that he was part of the civil rights movement and how it emboldened him to run for office.

I got involved in the civil rights movement,” Biden said on camera.


Pretty inspiring right? Not really. Now, an old video from 1987 has just resurfaced where President Biden blatantly admits that he was NOT involved in any civil rights movement such as marching. He even admitted that he was “not an activist”.


Biden’s lies are continuing to mount up and America is continuing to crumble under his leadership. Democrats continue to deny that there is anything wrong with Biden. Watch as First Lady Jill Biden attempts to stop Biden who is clearly confused from giving a speech into the microphone while music is loudly playing:

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