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Border Crisis WORSENS, Biden Attacked

As the migrant caravan consisting of over 3,000 people continues to head the the southern United States border, Senate Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) spoke out and attacked Biden for his complete mishandling of the migrant crisis. McCarthy warned the American people that Biden has turned every city in the United States into a border city.

A major risk with caravans such as these is that U.S. officials do not know who these people are in the caravan and what kinds of drugs and dangerous materials could be coming with them into the United States.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, McCathy told Fox News, “I’ve listened to this president say he’s been in office for more than 40 years, but they never can prove one time that he’s even been to the border. More than two-thirds of the Republicans in Congress have been to the border just this year. So, we’d like to sit down with him if he’s too busy to get there because the challenge of what is happening, it’s making every city in America a border city. Fentanyl has increased by more than 300%, killing Americans.”

McCarthy later added, “We have caught people that came from Yemen, not on the same day, but on different days. Why are they coming to America? Who are they working with? And what do they have planned? This is about the security of our country, and the president says he is too busy to deal with it?.”

Watch as the migrants break through the Mexican military and push their way into Mexico:

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