Who Is More Patriotic: Trump or Biden?

Republicans Attacked On July 4th

During a recent interview with MSNBC, Representative Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ) attacked conservatives and claimed that she was shocked at just how un-American they have become.

According to Breitbart, a clip was played of Trump saying, “Think of it, think of how unfair it is. Never before has New York City and their prosecutors or perhaps any prosecutors criminally charged a company or a person for fringe benefits. Fringe benefits. Murders, okay. Human trafficking, no problem — but fringe benefits, you can’t do that.”

MSNBC’s Velshi then asked, “The former president equivocating about what is right and what is wrong. Last I checked, murder and drug dealing is also wrong in this country, but it’s often the refrain of someone who gets pulled over for speeding. ‘Why aren’t you catching the murders? Why don’t you leave us alone?’”

Sherrill replied, “What is so shocking is how anti-American the sentiments of the Trump loyalists have really become. We see this continued even in Congress when members of Congress are trying to whitewash the event of January 6, the worst attack on our nation’s Capitol. We have everything domestically by citizens of this country. Especially as we are sitting here on the Fourth of July and thinking back to our forefathers and the values enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the lives lost. Here I am in New Jersey, the worst winter Washington soldiers went through, lives lost to our values into what this country believes in, and now we have people attacking the Capitol. We have armed members saying they are not even American citizens. It has really become this alternative view of what government is, and it is contrary to our values. It’s contrary to democracy.”

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