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Democrat Makes Bold 2022 Prediction

This is such nonsense.

Recently on MSNBC, Howard Dean (D-VT) outrageously claimed that “well-educated suburban people” are tired of the GOP and Democrats will keep control in 2022.

According to Breitbart, after being asked about the 2022 mid-term elections, Dean stated, “I think the danger for Republicans are the voter suppression laws being passed in all these states. I mean, Arizona just makes the whole thing look ridiculous. Even some of the Republicans in Arizona think the Senate has become a joke out there. But their big weapon, their only weapon, is redirecting. If the election were held today, we would kick their butts because I think the public, especially well-educated suburban people are sick of this. It is not just well-educated white suburbanites. It’s well-educated suburbanites, period. They are just sick and tired of all this stuff and they actually love America, and the Republicans clearly don’t.”

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