Should The GOP Impeach Biden In 2022?

BREAKING: Karma Comes Back To BITE NFL

Conservatives were furious when the NFL decided to alienate them and allow players to kneel for the National Anthem and the American flag. The NFL was openly embracing President Biden and the Democrats’ woke liberal agenda and now it looks like karma has came back to “cancel” the entire league now.

According to Fox News, following former NFL head coach Jon Gruden’s emails which contained racism, homophobia, and a long list of other things, executive director of the NFL Players Association, DeMaurice Smith, now wants to know what else was in those emails which weren’t released to the public.

Initially, Gurden’s emails were discovered during an investigation into issues surrounding the Washington Football Team. Now Smith is asking, “What I’m interested in — is there correspondence that suggests teams are making decisions about coaches based on the color of their skin? Are they actively hostile to players that have chosen to self-identify in various ways? Are they denigrating of people based on sexual preference or religious identity?

The NFL decided to get political and side with the Democrats and their “woke” liberal agenda. President Biden and many other top Democrats applauded them and now it looks like they will soon be facing a much bigger problem in the near future.

How will the NFL save themselves from the catastrophic storm they are about face? Maybe they will re-hire Colin Kaepernick and make him the NFL’s new poster child.

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