Should The DOJ Bring Criminal Charges Against Bannon?

Biden’s Ignorance Causing Americans To Panic

President Biden recently attended a CNN town hall, where he discussed a number of very important topics. When Biden came into office his first action as commander in chief was to immediately kill the Keystone Pipeline which put over 50,000 Americans out of work.

Ever since then, Biden has constantly talked about getting completely rid of fossil fuels to save the earth, but sadly all that has brought is unaffordable gas prices during a pandemic where unemployment and supply chain issues are the biggest problems facing America.

Now, America relies heavily on other countries to provide us with the oil and gas we desperately need.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, when President Biden was asked about the gas price issues by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Biden openly admitted that he didn’t have a solution. Biden then stuttered throughout the entire answer and left Americans very worried about our leadership.

it’s going to be hard,” Biden said. Don’t expect gas prices to go down anytime soon.


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