Should Ocasio-Cortez Take Over Pelosi's Job?

PATHETIC: Kamala’s NEW Role As Border Collapses

Early into his Presidency, President Biden assigned his Vice President Kamala Harris to “clean up” our border and get things in line. Sadly, not only did Kamala not do anything to fix border, she and the Democrats have made it WORSE and it continues to crumble as migrants pour in!

The mainstream media and Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki continuously tell us that VP Harris is extremely busy and unable to talk to the press, however Kamala has somehow found the time in her extremely “busy” schedule to now star in a YouTube special targeted towards America’s youth?

Surely, Vice President Kamala Harris has more important things to do instead of making YouTube specials but everyone already knows that.

In the meantime Republican Governor Greg Abbott is doing everything he can to stop the state of Texas from being overrun and Biden and Kamala are nowhere to be found.

Currently tens of thousands of migrants are making their way the southern border and Kamala and the Democrats don’t have a plan in place to stop them!

Maybe Kamala should drop the Vice Presidency role and become a full time celebrity because it looks like that’s all she wants to do.