Should Biden Be Allowed To Serve Full Term?

Time Up For Trump Traitor

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has been on the outs with Republicans ever since the 2020 presidential election when he got into an ugly feud with former President Donald Trump.

Now, the Georgia gubernatorial race is about to heat up and Kemp is facing some serious problems. First, Kemp has to go up against the Democrat he very narrowly defeated in the last election Stacey Abrams.

Second, ever since their feud, Trump has lifted all support for Kemp and is now endorsing former Republican Sen. David Perdue to challenge him and the poll numbers aren’t looking good for Kemp.

According to Fox Business, a recent poll showed that Governor Kemp only held a single digit lead over David Perdue. What’s even worse for Kemp is that when they polled him against his Democratic opponent Stacy Abrams, the results were evenly split.

Emory University political science professor Andra Gillespie noted, “The fact that Georgia has a really strong economy, that it has a budget surplus, one would expect that Gov. Kemp could sail towards renomination without a challenge.”

“I wouldn’t expect high-quality challengers like David Perdue to enter a race against an incumbent,” Gillespie further explained.

Sadly, for Kemp even though he has done a great job as governor, his problems with Trump have hurt him badly. Republican Rep. Barry Loudermilk stated, “Kemp has done an exceptional job in leading our state. I mean, every economic factor is high.”