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BREAKING: Top Secret U.S. Facility Breached

In a shocking turn of events, U.S. law enforcement officials are now investigating after an unknown intruder was able to breach the home base of Air Force One before getting arrested.

According to The Hill, Joint Base Andrews reported that a man was able to gain access to the base housing area at 11:30 am on Monday. One resident began firing his weapon at the intruder after noticing him and security immediately appeared on the scene.

No injuries not property damages were reported following the incident.

The base which was just breached was holding a fleet of presidential aircrafts along with Air Force One, Marine One and the “doomsday” 747 airplane which works as a command center if nuclear war broke out.

This is a breaking story and very little details have currently been revealed stay tuned for updates.

This is not the first time the base has been breached in 2021 a man was able to get through security and was wearing a “mickey mouse” ears hat.

After the man was captured in 2021 the inspector general did a review of their security protocols and restructured it to prevent more breaches but sadly it just happened again.