Is Trump Jealous Of DeSantis?

Trump Reveals Democrats’ Next Target

During a recent interview with Fox’s Lawrence Jones, former President Donald Trump revealed that Democrats are pushing to remove Abraham Lincoln’s and George Washington’s names from public schools and added that their intentions were “sickening.”

According to Trending Politics, Jones asked Trump, “Well let me get your comments on culture there is a lot going on in the culture. You were a culture warrior. A lot of things happening in the schools. We saw it in the colleges. We saw it on the university campuses. These are some of those private schools. Now making it from the high schools to elementary school. What is the conservative response to this anti-American sentiment, not teaching all of history. What could you say?”

Trump replied, “It’s the exact opposite it’s called 1776. It’s the exact opposite. We love our flag and country. We salute our country. We love our country and we honor our flag,”

“And we honor our heroes. We honor George Washington. They’re taking George Washington’s name off of schools in San Francisco and different parts of the country. What’s going on?” Trump questioned.

“It’s crazy. Abraham Lincoln. They want to take his name off three schools on the west coast. And I say what are these people thinking? It’s almost become, in my opinion, a sickness,” Trump stressed.

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