Is Trump America's Only Hope?

Trump Exposes Truth About Biden’s Mental Decline

During a recent visit to the border in Weslaco, Texas, former President Donald Trump revealed the truth about Joe Biden’s mental health and liberals are furious about it.

According to Trending Politics, during a joint discussion with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Trump pointed to his doctor and said, “There’s my doctor right over there, He said ‘you know sir, if you want. You’re really smart. You have got to take the cognitive test.’”

“They went after him and it didn’t work out too well,” Trump continued. “The Democrats went after him like you wouldn’t believe.”

“But he did a test. Did I ace it?” Trump asked.

Trump’s doctor Ronny Jackson replied, “Yes sir!”

“I aced it! And I would like to see Biden ace it. He won’t ace it. He would get the first two. There’s 35 question and the first two or three are easy,” Trump stated.

“They’re the animals,” Jackson joked.

“Is this a lion? A giraffe,” Trump mocked. “When he gets to around 20 he is going have a little hard time. I think he is going to have a hard time with the first few actually.”

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