Is The Media Fair To Trump?

Biden’s America: Media Tries To Save Disgraced Governor

Just when we thought the liberal media couldn’t get any worse, MSNBC’s Joy Reid shocked viewers when she tried to highlight New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) good deeds amid a sexual harassment scandal.

According to Breitbart, Reid had to nerve to praise Biden’s favorite governor, Andrew Cuomo, and said that he “did a much better job on the pandemic than Trump, even with all of the issues.”

Reid did recommend Cuomo resign, something Cuomo has not yet claimed he would do.

“If Cuomo gets impeached, he gets impeached,” Reid said. “I literally don’t care what happens to him. He did a much better job on the pandemic than Trump, even with all of the issues. But then again, who didn’t? He was a good crisis manager for what it was worth, although clearly, there were many, many issues, including nursing homes. But again, you all worship Donald freaking Trump. You don’t get to complain.”

Sadly, it’s safe to say if Governor Cuomo was a Republican the media would have had an absolute field day with this bombshell story.

Before the Biden administration and the mainstream media muddies the waters about Cuomo’s investigation watch this video of Biden openly admitting Cuomo should resign and even be prosecuted for his crimes:

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